Happy floaty mascot


Nickname: “Rabbit”
Classification: Astromech Droid


  • Brawn – 1
  • Agility – 1
  • Intellect – 2
  • Cunning – 2
  • Willpower – 1
  • Presence – 1
  • Soak Value – 3
  • Wound Threshold – 11


  • Astrogation- 3
  • Computers – 3
  • Cool – 2
  • Mechanics – 2
  • Piloting (Space) – 2


  • Galaxy Mapper 1 – Remove 1 Setback from all Astrogation checks and Astrogation checks take 50% less time.
  • Hold Together – Spend 1 Destiny Point to make a Hold Together incidental immediately after the droid’s starship takes damage. Explaining why the damage was in fact superficial, the damage from the attack becomes system strain instead.

Built-in Equipment

  • Arc Welder – Melee; Damage 3, Critical Trigger – None, Range – Engaged, Stun Damage
  • Diagnostic Suite and Repair Tool Kit
  • Long Range Remote Activation Controller – Dread Return

R4-B7 was the lone survivor of an attack on an Imperial VT-49 Decimator. While exploring the ship, A’ren Skirata, Content Not Found: hihdo-kena, and Borf (The Magnificent) stumbled upon the distraught astromech. Excited with the idea of escape and offered repairs, Rabbit joined the group.

A few adventures and many repairs later, Rabbit developed an attachment to A’ren. The bond was strengthened when the Mandalorian completely overhauled the droid’s chassis. Gone was the clunky cylindrical body associated with all astromechs. Instead, Rabbit was now housed inside a repulsor driven floating sphere. In addition, he was given limbs with articulated hands.

With Aesh joining the party and taking over most of the computer duties, Rabbit has shifted his focus to helping A’ren with her volatile projects.


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