Sett'ahlf'anesh "Tahl Fane"

Chiss ex-Imperial TIE fighter pilot


Average height (for a Chiss), short-cropped hair with long bangs, Tahl is every bit the imposing, calculating, imperial TIE fighter pilot she was trained to be. When in the pilot’s seat, her skills, discipline, and training have pulled her out of some very serious situations.


Tahl enlisted with the Imperial Navy under an assumed identity to prevent her father’s high station in the army from influencing or impacting her military career. Her determination to master the simulations and exercises got her tapped to fly with one of the highest ranked squads in the sector.

During a routine mission to take out a pirate threat, her ship took a glancing blow that sent her crashing to the planet’s surface. Waking up alone, in shock, and in pain, Tahl made her way to the nearest town. Before entering the town, however, she dumped her damaged kit and anything linking her to the Empire (with the exception of her tags) as rim worlds were known to not be the friendliest towards Imperials of any sort.

After some bartering and a little negotiation, Tahl secured a ticket off-planet with a group of treasure hunters by offering to pilot their ship (apparently their previous pilot was no longer on the payroll).

Tahl currently spends her time aboard her own ship, the Night’s Whisper, picking up transportation routes and travelers, being sure to avoid the Empire whenever possible. She has also taken up contracts as an “Extraction Specialist” when bounty hunters and refugees find themselves in particularly dire situations.

Sett'ahlf'anesh "Tahl Fane"

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