Jawa scrap enthusiast


After finding himself being unlucky enough to have stolen onto the Iron Mynock right before it took off, Kreh spent a great deal of time in hiding. During his unplanned stay, he learned a great deal about the crew and their peculiarities and even managed to slip off with a few of their personal items in an attempt to build a connection with them

Once on the base, Kreh continued to watch the crew, unsure of when to reveal himself. However, his scavenging ways got the better of him and he tipped the crew off to his presence after nicking a few of their more personal belongings.


Kreh hopped aboard the Iron Mynock while it was docked in Courscant. Desperate scavenge something of value to hock for his next meal, his eyes had rested hopefully on the Mynock as being able to provide some useful loot. Just as he was about to make off with A’ren’s tools, the team had returned.

A bit of quick thinking led Kreh to stash himself in one of the freshers until he could safely navigate to a safer hiding spot.


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