A'ren Skirata

A slightly paranoid bounty hunter


If there was one word to describe A'ren, it would be "efficiency". And "weapons". And possibly "explosives". "Evil genius mechanic" probably wouldn't be too far off either.

No one knows of A'ren's past, save that she is part of the Mandalorian Skirata clan. If her training is any indication, her family seems fairly impressive.

Not one for social graces or niceties, A'ren spends most of her time in the workshop, tinkering with her toys or outright creating new ones. Her droid companions STCH-636 and R4-B7 can usually be found nearby.

When the party discovered that the local proto-cathar believed them to be their prophecized gods, there was no disputing that A'ren's designation as "The Harbinger" was very appropriate.

Some things need shooting, and A'ren is willing to take on that responsibility.

A'ren Skirata

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